Course status - 30/11/23

All 18 holes are open

Trollies may be used

The sale will continue until Thursday evening

Welcome to Alexander Park Resort

Golf Course Tour

Golf Course Tour

We have a drone tour of each hole of Alexander Park Golf Course. To have a look at our Course please click on the links below:

Hole 1                                         Hole 2

Hole 3                                         Hole 4

Hole 5                                         Hole 6 

Hole 7                                         Hole 8

Hole 9                                         Hole 10

Hole 11                                       Hole 12

Hole 13                                       Hole 14

Hole 15                                       Hole 16

Hole 17                                      Hole 18



What our customers say

Had an amazing time at Alexander park last night at one of their Christmas parties. Food was outstanding, staff were very helpful and the bar was reasonably priced!!

Kirsty R

In my opinion Hereford's finest wedding venue ... Alexander park has quality written all over it.

Dan Hacket

A great place for Herefordshire to have at last! Friendly, relaxed, organised, clean and enjoyable!!! Being a member is worth every penny.

Holly H
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